“I was 18 when I wrote my first song, it was titled 'Klown'. I had gotten my heart broken and my friends were tired of hearing about it so writing music was my way to vent, my way to be heard. It was easy, I expressed my sadness and my feelings of stupidity in a way that flowed. It was just me pouring my heart out over chords, but it allowed me to discover just how therapeutic songwriting was.”

Influenced by everyone from Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross and Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna, Preston's music is strongly rooted in R&B, but also appeals to the pop audience.The majority of his songs are about love, and over half of his songs are ballads, but it's Preston's vocal ability that makes people take notice.

A member of his high school's Chamber Choir, Preston's training began early and continued throughout college. With a phenomenal vocal range, his delicate, falsetto voice in 'I Wanna' is just as impressive as his powerful, full voice in 'So Sexy'. With a growing fan base, he is excited to share his music with others and hopes that he can provide something for everyone...not just fans of R&B.